Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow at Tanglin 2010

Yearly December "Snow" at Tanglin Mall

Looks like real snow...

Cheryl scare of the "snow" and want daddy to carry

She started to warm up and dare to step on the "snow" haha

the 2 kor kor is enjoying themselves


Kids just love to play even though that was 'fake' snow. I think all kids are curious about snow (including myself) but soap suds are the best they can do in a and kids didn't seem to mind that it wasn't the real thing.

When it started spraying into the air, and from a distance it did look like real snow. Is a kind of soapy bubbles that machines (brought in by the mall) blow into the air high overhead.

It flutter down like snow, onto our hair, clothes and it cover the floor with soapy foam and it looks like real snow... the kids enjoying..

Best of all there is a washing area for us to wash up after the fun.

If you do bring your kids along, make sure you bring along a towel and a set of clothes to change after the snow play.

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