Tuesday, September 20, 2011

POSB Kids Run 2011

It was a very messy race well this is our 2nd year joining POSB Kids Run but the 1st run was ok not as messy as this year... guess it scared the kids abit! Especially my gal i wonder she dare to join next yr!

This race is different from the other races (Standard Chartered Kids Dash, Coldstorage Kids Run & Passion Run). The kids were supposed to do their race alone! Without parents accompany them so parents needs to deposit the kids into a holding area and pick them up after the race. Due to lack of manpower or time, the organsier didn't tag the kids and parents! thus it was quite a messy stage when parents trying to claim their kids! Alot of parents keep shouting for their kids name.

No matter what guess the kids still had fun and were proud tat they complete their race and get a medal!

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