Saturday, May 14, 2011

Princess Cheryl Castle Birthday Cake

Is my first time do such a "Big" project... haha... well this will be her last year of celebrating her birthday at Children's Discovery Centre with her friends next year she will be in P1.

Obviously this cake really takes up alot of my time. I start baking the cakes on Thursday nite ard 7plus all the way till 4am... well not finish yet!! Finshed only on the cake have not do the deco yet, morning aft sending the kids to school back home i start deco the cake it takes me 3 hours!! only on deco itself!!

Although the process is tiring but is worth it coz my gal is so happy when she saw the cake ^_^ all her friends say the cake is nice and yummy most of them asking for more serving...haha.. I'm so proud and happy that they like the cake so much.

I'm glad that during baking and deco of the cake everything went well :)

Last but not least would like to wish my Princess Happy birthday Princess Cheryl, May u stay happy and healthy always :) - Daddy, mymmy, daryl kor kor & derek kor kor always loves u

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