Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Children Museum

Remembering the days when we wanted our favourite toys and carrying our school bag to school inspire us to curate the Children Little Museum for the children to see and understand the things of our good old days and a place for the adults to reminiscence.

Their aim is help to converse our history and heritage within our limited capacity. Although Singapore is a young country, starting to conserve the things even from the 1950’s is never too late and of significant to many Singaporean. To share with the younger generation through education outreach programs and workshop.

This place will portray a reminder of life when school was the gathering point for the community. Everybody knew each other and the talk was about home life, illness, and matters pertaining to the betterment of the area. Almost everybody treated each other with honesty and kindness. The exhibit of Children Little Museum will give us an insight into people’s habits whether it is a tin toy, or your favorite “Nanyang Children” magazines. One will be able to ponder and daydream of how life might have been. Nothing was discarded as the same school text book was handed down to the younger sibling.

A visit to the Children Little Museum saw the selves’ exhibit with things that girls and boys played to a collection of old primary school books. A special highlight is the famous street mobile cinema where the children once pay 5 cent to watch 5 yards of film. The supermarket and television commercial have revolutionized our existence for better or worse.

The days of friendly carefree chat has passed. Relics and trivia tell us about our not too distant past. Somewhere in the Children Little Museum you could probably buy an old fashion Bottle Coco Cola drinks, some old fashion pencil sharpener or a place to reminiscence. How can one really know what the good old days were like? Some of these questions will be answered in this store.

Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah Street
(in front of Sultan Mosque)
Singapore 199460

Opening Hours: 10.30am - 10.00 daily

Admission: $2


  1. when you go to this plc? nice plc...will drop by one of the weekend

  2. We went there quite sometime le.. didn't post coz busy. Quite a nice place.. for kids to see those stuff that we used and play in our childhood.