Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ma Maison (日试西洋食)

Our Starter Escargots well it smell nice but too bad i don't eat coz it has butter so end up only Jia hui and my sister eat

Beef Stroganov Omu Rice

And we end with a Blueberry tarts :)

Gift from me and my sis hope she will like it ^_^

Meet up with Jia Hui and my sister for dinner at Parco Marina Bay for dinner. Jia hui suggested.
Ma Maison is my first time dine at Ma Maison and i like the place is so warm and cosy.

Ma Maison which means “My Home” in French serves Japanese-style Western food, is done up to look like an English cottage. Their service was good, and it's interesting how the present you with the "bill" a big key which you bring to the cashier counter to make payment.

They serve western food, Japanese style. It's like having a meal at a cottage with their flowery tablecloths, likttle baskets, wooden flooring and the wall deco.

For the starters, we ordered Escargots. Escargots arrived in a metal plate on top of a heap of sand-like stuff which they will later set fire to. The Escargots were drenched in olive oil and butter, pretty tasty. Worth a try (I don't eat coz got butter, so only jia hui and my sis eat)

The 3 of us ordered the beef omelette rice, the rice is warm and buttery, covered by fluffy scrambled eggs and drenched in stewed beef sauce. Mine is special order is with normal white rice instead of buttery rice ^_^

We end with white chocolate blueberry tart for dessert. To my surprise it wasn't too sweet and i like.

The waitress handed us a metal hotel key to ‘check out’ at the cashier. Trust the Japanese to come up with interesting ideas as this!

For your info ladies!!! There’s a discount of 20% on Mondays which is good as you can expect to pay at least S$25 per person including drinks and soup.

Ma Maison
9 Raffles Boulevard
PARCO Marina Bay
Tel: 6338-9391

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.30am – 9.30pm

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