Monday, February 7, 2011

Malay Wedding

Was invited to a Malay wedding. I have not attend Malay wedding before this my first Malay wedding ceremony that I have attended. So we are abit blur don't know whether to give our blessing to the couple first or to eat first! So in the end we choose to eat first and follow by to give our blessing to the couple ;p

Is kind of spoil the day as it was raining heavily and the kids have to at the void deck instead of having fun at the playground!

Wedding invitation card

Camwhoring while waiting for daddy's friend

The 3 of them playing Hp game

They are abit bored liao.. keke

We are at the opposite blk while waiting..

This is daddy's friend daughter..

The weddin lunch is a buffet style

A dancing performance to give the blessing to the couple

This is the Wedding couple

The food

Before we left the couple sister give us a gift :D


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